AmCham 2020 Key Priorities

Trade Winds, the largest annual US Government-led trade mission, will be held in 2020 in Hong Kong. This business forum facilitates new market entry or help companies already in these markets meet with new clients and partners. AmCham and member companies will play key roles as matchmaking partners as well as for speakers/moderators during the plenary sessions. Interested in learning more? Contact us.

AmCham is launching “US Business @ GBA Bloc” – a strategic alliance of leading American companies that are already present in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. AmCham’s expansion into the GBA means member companies will now be able to showcase their best practices and success stories, as well as to address challenges collectively through this platform. More events will take place in the GBA to walk our talk of commerce relevance. Interested in learning more? Contact us.

In 2020, AmCham will make supporting start-ups and SMEs, particularly those in the tech sector, a priority for us, and aspires to serve the SME sector better by providing more business matching opportunities for large and small companies. SME/startup members will enjoy exclusive, complimentary workshops and consultations that will help your business grow. Stay tuned for more details.

Diversity is increasingly an important priority in corporate social responsibility. Like many of our member companies, AmCham commits to, and stresses the importance of, racial equality, diversity and harmony within the office. This year, the Chamber is pleased to be a signatory of the Equal Opportunities Commission’s Racial Diversity & Inclusion Charter for Employers, and formally adopted a policy of racial equality to increase awareness and cultivation of racial equality and inclusion at the workplace.

Hong Kong's culture and business mindset are changing, bringing both opportunities and challenges. Longer life expectancy, rapid changes, new technologies, multi-generational workforces, co-working, online learning, and new start-ups all point to a future that may look very different to the present workplace. How can Hong Kong best prepare and capture all of the opportunities? What are the issues that policy and lawmakers need to address urgently and in the long run? Join us in the upcoming Future of Work Forum and other events! 

In June 2020, our first cohort of Future Leaders will graduate and we hope our young members will be more engaged with Hong Kong’s community, better equipped to face the future with expanded professional networks, and have more creative, entrepreneurial mindsets. 

US companies are not backing away! Despite last year’s unusual situation, Hong Kong hit a record high number of startups (21% increase) and most of these company founders are from the US, not to mention US continued to have the largest number of regional headquarters and regional offices in Hong Kong in the last five years. These are the top 10 factors that attract businesses to Hong Kong:

However, we must not take these factors for granted and companies need certainty and stability. In 2020, in hopes that Hong Kong will resume order and resort to peaceful means to pursue our collective goals, AmCham stands with our member companies with enhanced member services and support its member companies to succeed and flourish in Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area and the APAC region:

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