AmCham believes that education truly makes a difference to the outcome of our future. In a fast-changing, globalized and closely-connected world today, we require leaders with a global mindset and a multi-talented work force with high IT literacy. As a Chamber with leading professionals based in Hong Kong, AmCham opens our doors to all who want to learn and is committed to sharing the best practices and facilitating cultural exchanges.

A Conversation with an AmCham Leader

This is AmCham's outreach initiative that seeks to connect students with experienced global business leaders, allowing them to gain insights, develop a network, and access opportunities. Led by Former Governor Frank Wong, President, Asia of Scholastic, the programme arranges for high school students to meet with a pool of successful professionals. The format of the program is flexible, which is designed to allow each student to maximize the value of the conversation. Acting as mentors, the leaders are able to share career development advice or personal industry takeaways.

The program follows AmCham's mission in cultivating and supporting a vibrant international business community in cooperation with the local community because as members of the chamber, the business professionals who participate in this program are completing the circle of opportunity. The business world is rapidly changing to become more and more globalized, and Hong Kong has changed with it.

Recognizing Hong Kong's need to stay relevant and competitive, AmCham believes that this initiative is a fantastic way to invest in a thriving future generation of employees, entrepreneurs, and global business leaders.

University Briefings

As a platform with an extensive network and deep knowledge about Hong Kong and the surrounding region, AmCham maintains frequent engagement with institutions of higher education from the U.S.  by welcoming academic delegations and hosting university briefings throughout the year. AmCham Leaders appreciates the opportunities to provide insights for upcoming and practicing international professionals about the unique business and cultural environment in Hong Kong and China. Additionally, AmCham often brings in guest speakers from various sectors and industries to fit the delegation’s specific background and interests. These briefings provide visiting scholars a genuine first glance at the business opportunities and challenges in this region, as well as a connecting point for them to explore their interests with other local sectors and stakeholders.

In the past three years, AmCham has received more than 20 delegations, many of which have transitioned into long-term relationships between AmCham and the university.

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Internship Opportunities

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