Living in Hong Kong

Ever since our first edition of Living in Hong Kong, published in 1973, Hong Kong has made tremendous progress in the development of people and infrastructure, and has evolved to become the vibrant international city renowned for its economic prowess.

Despite the relatively small size of a territory measuring only a fraction of other major metropolises across the globe, Hong Kong ranks among the very best in so many ways. More importantly, it is a city of diversity – one with a heritage spanning over hundreds of years, yet in a convergence of different cultures and people coming from different backgrounds, all in one of the world’s most advanced and modern urban settings.

As a comprehensive guide to settling in Hong Kong and making the city with a name which literally means “Fragrant Harbor” your new home, our 27th edition is strategically designed to provide you with ideas about a broad scope of aspects – information about customs, religions and festivals, places where you can find different accommodation, cuisines and shopping outlets, international schools for your children, how to get around on public transport, things to do for fun on the weekends, and even setting up your own business.

Living in Hong Kong is where you can start exploring the way of life as any other local resident, finding a lifestyle that suits you and your family best and making your extended stay in Hong Kong a fulfilling and memorable experience. The possibility of discovery here is simply endless.

Getting settled in a new environment is never easy, and we are here to help and support you through your transition. We hope you will find the book a useful tool in your journey of becoming a family member of the community of Hong Kong.