President's Welcome Note

Welcome to the American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong,

Our mission is to serve as a center for networking, information, and advocacy for all our members.

AmCham has been operating in Hong Kong for nearly 50 years, and we have always played a constructive role in helping this dynamic city build on its unique status and global importance. Hong Kong and AmCham share the values of private enterprise, free trade, rule of law, ethical and responsible business practices, transparency, and the free flow of information.

Like Hong Kong itself, AmCham is international – We take pride in labelling ourselves “an American Chamber with international characteristics.” That means all our events create networking environments that attract people from a rich variety of national, ethnic, religious, and business backgrounds. Conversation here is never boring, and our events focus on local, regional, and global issues with expert speakers, panels and conferences to keep you and your business on top of best practices and emerging trends.

Our advocacy activities target government officials primarily in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Washington, but we also address business issues throughout Asia in response to member needs, including delegation visits to different countries focusing on sectors ranging from finance to manufacturing and infrastructure.

To learn more about joining AmCham, please contact our membership team at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you at the chamber.

Tara Joseph
The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong