Living in Hong Kong

Customs & Culture
Hong Kong is a thriving, international city of old and new contrasts. Notwithstanding rapid development and modernization, Hong Kong’s old heritage manifests itself in the everyday lives of its people. Cherished traditions, cultures and practices are kept alive by the city’s proud inhabitants.
Accommodations & Getting Settled
The transition into Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle can be eased with the help of social networks and staying in the right accommodation. This chapter will outline ways for newcomers to meet others as well as provide tips on choosing a suitable place to stay.
Southside Comfort
Flanked by lush green country parks to the north and beautiful sea views to the south, the Southern District of Hong Kong Island is an idyllic rural paradise located just minutes from the city. With its abundance of space, sunshine and clean air, “The Southside” is home to some of the most exclusive and coveted residential properties in the territory.
Serviced Apartments & Extended Stay Hotels
A great option for shorter stays or during those arduous first weeks of house hunting in Hong Kong, renting a serviced apartment will give you one less thing to stress about. The only downside is you may not want to move out!
Practical Matters
You’ve done all the research and can’t wait to start your new life in Hong Kong. The only thing left to do is get there! This chapter covers the practical aspects of moving to and living in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong’s public transportation system is world renowned. Car ownership - viewed as more of a luxury expense - isn’t mandatory here, as the cost and efficiency of local public transport makes it affordable and easy to get around.
Starting a Business
Hong Kong is consistently praised for its ease of doing business. The city’s open economy and free-market policies make it an ideal place for business owners, companies and jobseekers alike.
International Schools
International schools in Hong Kong are among the world’s best. This chapter provides an overview of the city’s international school scene, outlining some of the options available to students from pre-school to secondary level.
Continued Learning
Food fanatic? Discover the secrets of Chinese wok cooking with a hands-on lesson. Or, take the plunge and learn Cantonese. Whatever your interest, Hong Kong is full of opportunities to learn new skills for business or leisure. Many continuing education and executive-level education options are also available here.
Healthy Living
Hong Kong boasts a world-class healthcare system. Public health awareness is on the rise, and the government has taken proactive measures to help people live longer, healthier lives. It is no wonder that the city is consistently ranked as having one of the world’s highest life expectancies.