Southside Comfort

Flanked by lush green country parks to the north and beautiful sea views to the south, the Southern District of Hong Kong Island is an idyllic rural paradise located just minutes from the city. With its abundance of space, sunshine and clean air, “The Southside” is home to some of the most exclusive and coveted residential properties in the territory.

Southside By Area

Starting from the west and moving along to the east, here is a breakdown of Hong Kong’s Southern District by area.

Southside Attractions

There is a range of family friendly activities on the Southside.


Four country parks are within easy walking distance and access for residents on the Southside: Pok Fu Lam Country Park, Aberdeen Country Park, Tai Tam Country Park and Shek O Country Park.

Southside Beaches

Of Hong Kong’s 41 public beaches, some of the best are to be found on the southside of Hong Kong Island.

Private Members' Clubs

With its wide open green surroundings, proximity to the coast and access to plenty of sunshine and fresh air, it is no wonder that some of the most exclusive private members’ clubs are located on the Southside.

The Southside of Hong Kong extends from Pok Fu Lam on the western end through Repulse Bay and eastward to Big Wave Bay.