Events: Learn and Showcase

Events: Learn and showcase


AmCham HK will run a series of webinars, workshops and training for start-ups and SMEs to help grow their businesses. They will have opportunities to showcase their innovative products/ services to AmCham members and the larger business community.


Inspire and be inspired: AmCham Start-ups Meet Multinational Companies Series

The global pandemic has changed the way we do business, work, and create value around the world. While some countries are slowly re-opening their economies, Hong Kong remains resilient due to its strong fundamentals and unique advantages as the international financial centre and accessibility to mainland China. How can Hong Kong lead the region and the world back to economic recovery and prosperity? This new normal presents new opportunity for Hong Kong to grow the digital economy, create a robust innovation ecosystem, and be a connector for corporates, start-ups and investors.

"AmCham Start-ups Meet Multinational Companies Series" is program organized by the Innovation & Technology Committee to showcase Inspiration and connect start-ups with corporates. Hong Kong start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas/business cases to business executives. In 2020, there were three events featuring financial services, edutech and lifestyle industries. Future sessions will focus on innovative sectors and winners will be given a six-month Entrepreneur membership at AmCham, as well as mentoring sessions offered by leading business executives.




Past Events:

Navigating the Fast-Changing Asia Retail Market for SMEs - May 12, 2022

Asia Pacific's e-commerce sales are expected to reach USD 2 trillion, nearly double by 2025. Mainland China, is now the world's largest e-Commerce market and is forecasted to reach nearly 1 trillion by the end of 2021, according to Euromonitor​.

Hong Kong is the center of all the rising e-commerce markets, and a crucial import and export gateway for Mainland China - how can SMEs grasp the opportunity of the rising e-commerce market in Asia? How can business owners expand their sales channels outside of Hong Kong? What are the e-commerce trends you need to look out for?

Please join our expert panel from each part of the e-commerce business cycle: logistic, digital marketing, online payment, and online shopping platform, to help SMEs to be part of the growth of the promising Asia e-commerce business. We're also delighted to invite [(SME)] to share their successful story of their e-commerce journey.

Founder's Equity - March 23, 2022

Raising outside capital is a path many startups choose to accelerate their businesses growth and gain customers for their solutions. Having raised capital also gives credibility to the founders and company as they recruit their team and make strategic partnerships. This vehicle for rapid growth, however, has historically been an opportunity more open for male founders, with female founders being granted a low single-digit percentage of venture funding despite returning higher revenue per dollar invested (Forbes​BCG​). Factors driving this difference in participation include finding the right investor/startup match, an over emphasis on confidence vs competence when evaluating a pitch, and a tendency for investors to ask different questions of women than they do men, among others that pose challenges to many female founders.

Wise Moves - January 26, 2022

This first Launchpad event is focused on sharing experiences, opportunities and advice related to mentorship and community that can help a startup succeed in Hong Kong. The goal is to share with examples how a startup can leverage the experience of others, meet future customers and partners, as well as find resources, business partners and establish leadership.

System Security - May 6, 2021

The acceleration of the digital economy brings both risks and rewards for the Hong Kong business community. Unprecedented hacks that have compromised confidential data of nation states, multinational companies and individuals has brought the issue of cybersecurity to the forefront of public attention. It is more important than ever for companies to prepare against data breaches that could result in a loss of customer data and intellectual property. In addition to increasing cybersecurity awareness, companies and law firms are stepping up the use of digital forensic and eDiscovery tools to identify and preserve data for commercial and legal purposes. As one of the world's most competitive and dynamic economies, Hong Kong is poised to emerge as a leader in cybersecurity, digital forensics and eDiscovery. What new ideas and technologies are Hong Kong's famously energetic start-ups developing for the future?

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Female Founders - March 11, 2021

The one constant in Hong Kong's dynamic landscape of female-founded startups is its diversity across industries, including technology, education, lifestyle, media, and more. With women making nearly 80% of consumer purchasing decisions, these female founders have been motivated by a passion to create products and services that fill existing gaps and to focus on profit with purpose. This event will showcase their innovative business models, where the female founders will be given the opportunity to pitch to a team of industry experts from leading multinational companies. Join us to hear more about the companies that are reshaping Hong Kong and changing it for the better.

Inspiration of the month: DayDay Cook
Startup of the month: Litex

Fintech - February 4, 2021

Hong Kong boasts a vibrant startup community, with some of the most impressive innovations changing the way we think of payments. Many of these groundbreaking projects are being led by startups working to find their role in the existing financial services industry, with this event being an opportunity for them to make a case for their initiative to some of the industry's foremost experts on the matter. Be among the first to learn what changes may come to the payments landscape.  

Inspiration of the month: PayPal
Startup of the month: FUSANG

Community - December 3, 2020

COVID-19 has shown how communities can get together very efficiently to help resolve a global crisis. Example goes from sourcing masks to organise food deliveries for people in quarantine. As the world is evolving to a new normal, how might start-up help charities, NGO's, social businesses with new technologies to bring a more equal, healthy and happy society. Join us on December 3 for the seventh session: Community. We will invite start ups that can leverage technologies to help charities, NGO's, social businesses thrive.

Inspiration of the month: Siemens
Startup of the month: Hollo Limited

Build - October 29, 2020

Hong Kong implemented one of the most successful COVID-19 contact tracing programs in the world - with incredibly successful results in limiting infections and fatalities. Technologies for improving the citizen experience - from online government services, to automated vehicular traffic optimization, and to infection tracing - are a key part of Hong Kong's entrepreneurial landscape and plans. How will Hong Kong startups create a more convenient, efficient resident experience? What "Smart-City" sectors will Hong Kong startups excel in? We will invite start-ups with technologies that contribute to Smart City innovations for corporates, government, and society.

Inspiration of the month: Siemens
Startup of the month: Varadise Limited

Vigor - September 25, 2020

COVID-19 brought Biotech and Healthtech to the forefront of public attention, policy, and investment, as the race for treatments and cures to enable long-term re-opening of economies accelerated. Hong Kong has actually played a leading global role in critical COVID research - and Biotech/Healthtech research and advancements for other diseases and health issues. And Biotech features prominently in Hong Kong startup activity, emphasis and support. What Biotech/Healthtech sectors will see winning startups emerge in Hong Kong? What is Hong Kong's long-term role in the global Biotech/Healthtech innovation ecosystem? We will invite start-ups with technologies that contribute to Biotech/Healthtech innovations for corporates, government, and society.

Inspiration of the month: Prenetics
Startup of the month: Belun Technology

Knowledge - August 28, 2020

Education is being reshaped for students and teachers alike through new, innovative teaching methods, advancements in technology, and programs designed for a virtual world. So how can start-ups support the continued trend? For the next 18 months many predict there will be a balance of in-person and virtual as COVID continues to limit and challenge traditional learning. In Hong Kong's road to recovery meet some of the start-ups that will help strike a healthy balance, create new opportunities we have not thought of and be integral to the education sector.

Inspiration of the month: Google
Startup of the month: MOTIF

Enjoyment - July 28, 2020

As Hong Kong trying to adapt to the new normal post-COVID 19, we will explore how we get back to the arts, treat ourselves to (r)etail therapy, and rediscovering the beauty of Hong Kong. Learn from the Firechat with Hong Kong Tourism Board's Executive Director, and then hear five local start-ups present their pitches to our panel of corporate innovation judges.

Inspiration of the month: Hong Kong Tourism Board
Startup of the month: Remo

Movement - May 29, 2020 

As Hong Kong takes its first steps to re-open and re-start business activities, we will explore how start-ups in the logistics and transport space can speed up the road to recovery. Learn from a genuine Hong Kong unicorn how start ups can succeed in Hong Kong, and then hear five local start-ups present their pitches to our panel of corporate innovation judges.

Unicorn of the month: Lalamove
Startup of the month: Kno Global

Advancement - April 29, 2020 

We will explore what technology and innovation can help on Hong Kong's road to recovery, and how start-ups can help corporates move at speed to stay resilient. Learn how start ups can succeed in Hong Kong, and then hear five local start-ups present their pitches to our panel of corporate innovation judges.

Unicorn of the month: WeLab
Startup of the month: Reap