1. How does a membership application work?

Signing on with AmCham is easy and hassle free and can be done in just a few steps.

  1. Make an application by clicking Begin on your preferred package type Depending on your package type, a member of staff may get in contact to ask for additional documentation
  2. Once your application is approved, you will be invoiced by “Glueup”. A member of staff may also get into contact with your invoice directly
  3. Your membership will be activated from the day we receive payment. When activated, an invitation will be sent from “Glueup” for each of your members to complete setting up your account, including creating your login password

All done! You can login to Glueup at any time to edit your personal information, (un)subscribe to our mailing lists, view the membership directory and other information

2. How do I decide the category of membership I should join?

Below is a basic flowchart to help you make a decision at a glance. Detailed membership benefit information however, can be viewed here

Membership treemap



3. Do I need to be a US Citizen, or employed by an US based company to be a member of AmCham HK?

AmCham is an American chamber of international characteristics. It is not required that you hold a US citizenship or be a US based company to join AmCham. In fact, a large percentage of our Chamber are UK, local, European, or Chinese based. We welcome all nationalities to foster a community with a wide range of experiences.

4. Does a corporate membership mean everyone in my company is an AmCham Member?

No. one of the main benefits of holding a corporate membership on top of company exposure is that it allows the adding of Additional Members for a vastly reduced price. Corporate accounts, however, still belong to only one single holder until AMs are purchased.

5. What if I do not have a BIR 56A?

If you do not yet have access to your BIR 56A, or you operate in a government jurisdiction that issues an alternate piece of documentation, anything providing sufficient proof that you have below 10 members for the EP membership package will work.

6. Can I transfer my membership to another person?

Yes. Download the transfer form from our website and fill in the new member’s details. There is a small processing for transfers during a membership period. 

7. Can I upgrade to the CR+ package after initially purchasing the base CR package?

Yes! We’d be happy to upgrade you, but additional fees may apply. Get into contact with us at membership@amcham.org.hk for details.

8. I’ve forgotten my Glueup password or cannot gain access to my Glueup profile?

Request a password change from the AmCham website. If you are having additional issues, 
contact us at membership@amcham.org.hk and we’d be happy to help.

9. What do I need to register for an AmCham Event?

All that is required will be the same email you used to register as an AmCham member. Simply head over to the event page, choose your ticket type, and enter your information.