Limited-time offer for AMCHAM Members at Humansa Health & Wellnes

Limited-time offer for AMCHAM Members at Humansa Health & Wellnes


Humansa is your trusted life-long health and wellness partner. They are an innovator pioneering health and wellness solutions. Putting their customers at the heart of everything they do, they prioritize your well-being above all else by providing you with only the highest quality, and most personalized health and wellness journey.

Humansa leads the way in redefining preventive healthcare and wellness. Their unique approach paves an integrated path towards modern self-care, enabling customers to reimagine an advanced healthcare experience that gives them complete control of their own health across every stage in life.

With a network of around 40 Health and Wellness Centers throughout the Greater Bay Area, Humansa offers holistic services across multi-disciplinary specialties, ranging from health check, medical imaging, endoscopy, dentistry, eye care, fertility, pre & postnatal care, dermatology, physiotherapy, high-performance training and more. Their expertise guides customers and their family on their complete journey encompassing prevention, treatment, recovery and optimization towards living a good life.

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